In Case You Missed It: February 2021 Edition

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Three Things Organizations Must Do In 2021 In Support Of DE&I


"... In 2020, organizations became acutely aware of the importance of DE&I due to the social unrest and volatility swirling around them. Many are now attempting to figure out how to be supportive of their diverse employee population. What should they put their energy and resources towards that will actually have a positive impact? This is the question that many organizations are struggling to answer, and few are getting right.

As the CEO of the global advisor Leading NOW, I speak to CEOs, CHROs and CDOs every day, and the most common thing they say is, "We've been hiring diverse employees for years, but our efforts really haven't changed anything…now what should we do?" ..."


Why it is Important to Assess Your Inclusive Culture Intelligently

ICALeading NOW

"...If we are to have any chance of making a serious difference, especially when it comes to Equity, we need to be much clearer about what we are up against.

Leading NOW has developed an Inclusive Culture Assessment (ICA) that seeks to do just this. Rather than a knee-jerk prescription, the assessment seeks to identify the specific Leadership, Cultural, and Equity-frustrating behaviours that underpin the kind of organisational barriers and attitudes that we routinely encounter on the road to a more inclusive workplace..."

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Building Pathways to Workplace Equity: Part 1 of Our Black History Month Series

Sabry Tozin via Linked IN

"... It’s February and many of us are honoring Black History Month (BHM) - a time to recognize the trailblazing contributions the Black community has made in the U.S. It’s also an important time to reflect on our history, the progress that has been made, and the crucial steps we must take to help create equitable outcomes for every member of the global workforce. Personally, this month is meaningful because it shines a light on those who came before us. It honors the work they did and their struggle, but it’s also a reminder of the responsibility I feel toward my community and family..."

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A software developer built a simpler vaccine sign-up website in her state while on maternity leave


"... After her mother-in-law had difficulty signing up for a Covid-19 vaccine, a Massachusetts woman created a website to make it easier for her -- and she made it easier for everyone.

Olivia Adams built a website that pulls in vaccination appointments from across the state, including government sites as well as ones operated by private businesses. She called it
The 28-year-old software developer from Arlington, Massachusetts, says she spent three weeks and about 40 hours building the website -- and she did it while on maternity leave caring for her 2-month-old son, she told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Monday.
"I thought I'd take a look and I was surprised at how decentralized everything was and how there are a thousand different websites to go to," Adams said. "I thought, 'How can I put my software skills to use to make this better in my free time?'"..."

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11 Ways To Effectively Communicate With Employees When Your Company’s Constantly Changing


"Whatever their development stage, many companies are dealing with near-constant change right now. Employees are having to adjust to issues including layoffs, heavier workloads and shifting between remote and blended workplace arrangements—and more.

Establishing a strong system of communication that can help employees anticipate and navigate change is crucial. Below, 11 experts from Forbes Human Resources Council weigh in on how businesses can effectively communicate with employees when the company is continuously in flux....

...10. Repeat the message often and with conviction.

Develop a messaging frequency and select a method that you can repeat consistently when you are sharing information from leaders. Then, whatever your message is, be sure to share it often and with conviction. It is inconsistency and a lack of clear messages that create distrust and fear in employees. - Kelly Lockwood Primus, Leading NOW..."

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Thasunda Brown Duckett will become the second Black female CEO currently in the Fortune 500



"... Duckett's appointment makes her the third-ever Black woman to be a full-time Fortune 500 chief and the second announced this year. And if we count Mary Winston, former interim CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Duckett would be the fourth to hold such a position in any capacity. 

“I often think about the day my father asked me to help him plan his retirement, and I had to tell him, ‘Dad, your pension is not enough,’” Duckett said in a statement. "Now, thanks to his work and sacrifices and the support of many others who have guided me throughout my life and career, I am blessed to join TIAA." ..."

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Why DEI And Anti-Racism Work Needs To Decenter Whiteness


"... Following what some would call the Racial Revolution of 2020, companies far and wide have announced their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and anti-racism. DEI jobs in corporate America and higher education have increased exponentially since the killing of George Floyd in 2020. It seems like every industry has been scrambling to demonstrate their pledges and promises to promote more inclusive environments by hiring DEI practitioners and anti-racism educators. While the sudden interest in DEI and anti-racism is encouraging, there must be a concerted effort to ensure that the diversity education that is being done doesn’t center whiteness. What does it mean to center and prioritize whiteness in DEI and anti-racism work? DEI practitioners and anti-racism educators are often hired into toxic spaces where leaders claim they want to foster more equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. More consideration must be given to how much of this work centers the feelings of white people with little focus on the feelings of oppressed and marginalized groups..."

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Leadership Lessons from Women Leaders

Leading Women

In 2020, Leading Women conducted its own research with some of the most successful women CEOs and Presidents of Fortune 500/5000 companies in business today. We asked them to share thoughts from their own experiences, and career trajectory on a range of topics. We’re excited to share their answers with you over the course of the next several months... 

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