In Case You Missed It: January 2022 Edition

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Journalist Ida B. Wells is commemorated with a Barbie doll for fearless activism


"... Educator, journalist, anti-lynching activist and NAACP co-founder Ida B. Wells joins the pantheon of distinguished women honored by Mattel with her own signature Barbie doll. Resplendent in a deep blue, floor-length dress with lace details, the new Ida B. Wells doll also comes with a historically significant accessory: a miniature replica of the Memphis Free Speech, the newspaper where Wells became editor and co-owner in 1889.

Mattel has created numerous Barbie dolls to honor both historic and contemporary heroines in the hopes of inspiring "generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before." It's Inspiring Women Series includes dolls dedicated to Maya Angelou, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and singer Ella Fitzgerald. ..."

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2021 Top 10 Most Read Leading NOW Blogs - In Case You Missed It

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2021 Top 10 Blogs


These companies are following through on their promises on diversity, equity, and inclusion


"... More than 19 months after the killing of George Floyd and the announcement by so many companies of social justice commitments, journalists, investors and regulators have been asking whether the pledges made by CEOs to fight systemic societal racism and inequality have been met.

The authors of this column can’t attest to whether all of these promises have been fulfilled, but, as leaders of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the largest business-driven coalition, by number of CEO signatories, to effect meaningful change to advance DEI, we do know that real progress is being made by many companies across the U.S.

While it will take years for the representation numbers of diverse employees in the workforce to increase to where we want them to be, it is equally critical to focus on the extensive work underway to improve business processes, evolve strategies and foster truly inclusive and equitable cultures that welcome people of all races, genders, and backgrounds. Even if an organization hires more women and people of color, it won’t be able to retain them without a culture that provides equity, opportunity, and a deeply rooted sense of belonging. ..."

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The New York Times

"... Directors who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or from another nonwhite ethnic group now occupy 4,500 board seats among companies in the Russell 3000 stock index, 25 percent more than they did at the end of 2020 and nearly 50 percent more than at the end of 2019. Those numbers come from an analysis by ISS Corporate Solutions, which advises businesses on corporate governance, executive pay and social and environmental issues.

Directors from underrepresented groups occupy 17 percent of board seats, up from 14 percent in 2020, the ISS Corporate Solutions data shows. Women, of all races, have also made gains. They now account for 27 percent of all directors, up from 24 percent.

Dr. Hammond’s experience and that of other newly appointed board members suggest there are many more qualified candidates who have been overlooked by companies and executive recruiters. ..."

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The New York Times

"... Periodically, arts writers and critics will sound the alarm: Ballet has a significant gender gap. Women fill ballet’s stages and classrooms, but choreographers and artistic directors — the people with power — are predominantly men.

How serious is the problem? The numbers paint a stark picture. At the largest 50 ballet companies in the United States, 71 percent of artistic directors from founding to present have been men. During the 2020-2021 season, 69 percent of all ballets programmed at those companies were by men; in the mostly pre-pandemic 2019-2020 season, 72 percent were by men. Worldwide, the odds that an artistic director of a major ballet company will have a female successor are just 29 percent.

Until recently, those figures would have been nearly impossible to find. They are available now thanks to Dance Data Project, a nonprofit organization that is using a steady drumbeat of numbers to push the ballet world to action on gender inequality.

The project’s president and founder, Elizabeth B. Yntema, had what she calls a “red-pill moment” several years ago, while attending a ballet performance at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. A lawyer and philanthropist who studied dance growing up and has served on the board of the Joffrey Ballet, she realized she had not seen a single ballet company led by a woman at the theater that season. “In fact,” she said, “I hadn’t seen a single ballet choreographed by a woman.” ..."

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What are your plans for International Women's Day 2022?

Leading NOW

For more than 18 years, Leading Women has positively impacted organizations committed to achieving goals for women’s advancement. Over the last year, we’ve grown our partnerships with several women’s associations, expanding our women’s leadership offerings to audiences in virtually every industry––from sports to restaurants to agriculture, and everything in between.

As you probably know, March 8th is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is #BreakTheBias. At Leading Women, we help companies like yours overcome the bias women and underrepresented talent face every day. Our research-based programming goes beyond conventional wisdom by delivering unique career guidance in the areas of leadership, career success, mentoring, executive presence and more.

As you begin planning your March events for IWD and Women’s History Month, we have a variety of speakers available to help support your event. 

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How Intel relies on inclusion in retention and hiring—for big results

HR Executive

"... While many companies have been playing catch up when it comes to achieving diversity, equity and inclusion goals, Intel has been measuring its DEI efforts for more than a decade. The Silicon Valley microprocessor giant says it achieved its 2020 goal of reaching full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in its U.S. workforce two years ahead of schedule, and in January 2019, it achieved 100% gender pay equity globally.

Ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, HRE spoke with Dawn Jones, the chip maker’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, to discuss how to build DEI in a global pandemic, how the company measures success and what Intel is prioritizing for the coming year. ..."

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Fond Farewell to 2021. Now, Bring on the New Year!

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Leading NOW

#WeCanHelp #FutureForward

"... As we say goodbye to 2021, I’d like to share some of the highlights we’ve had (there have been quite a few, but I promise to keep it short and sweet!), and the people, partners and clients that have helped take us one step closer to achieving “diversity and inclusion for all” goals. ..."

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