In Case You Missed It: February 2023 Edition

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Report: 49% of Black Workers Are Considering Leaving Their Job and Here’s Why


"... Two major drivers stand out. The first is clear: many Black workers appear to work in a hostile work environment—43% of Black workers who said they were thinking about leaving their job reported microaggression from coworkers or leadership. 

The second driver can be inferred by looking at the misalignment between what respondents say they want companies to prioritize in terms of DEIB initiatives versus what companies actually are prioritizing. The disconnect between job seekers and employers is driving job seekers away with the hope that they will find a company where DEIB priorities align more closely with their own. ..."

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Restaurant Leadership Conference

April 16-19, 2023

Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) is partnering with Leading NOW to deliver a one-day leadership development program for high-potential talent. This program is designed for emerging executives: typically, individuals with more than 10 years in career with responsibility for team leadership, budget control, cross-functional work, strategy development and business planning. Titles could include director, senior director, and vice president of all business functions.

Unique to the industry, this program was created to help the restaurant food service industry diversify its leadership and develop future leaders.

Based on global research from Leading NOW, The Missing 33%™, and the barriers to advancement for underrepresented talent, this program focuses on preparing emerging executives to be confidently placed into succession plans for leadership roles.

Held during RLC, the program focuses on developing business, strategic and financial acumen in order to drive a deep understanding of the restaurant business. This opportunity will also support the development of strategic relationships and exposure for your future leaders to current industry leadership.

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What physical blind spots can teach us about social blind spots
Short Wave


"... Everyone sees the world differently. Exactly which colors you see and which of your eyes is doing more work than the other as you read this text is different for everyone. Also different? Our blind spots – both physical and social. As we continue celebrating Black History Month, today we're featuring Exploratorium Staff Physicist Educator Desiré Whitmore. She shines a light on human eyesight – how it affects perception and how understanding another person's view of the world can offer us a fuller, better picture of life....."

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DO THIS, NOT THAT - How Reverse Mentoring Leads to DEI Success

iStock-1197257945Leading NOW

"...Is your organization doing enough to help underrepresented talent succeed? Probably not.

While most DEI initiatives include communication plans, programs for employees to attend, and reviews of corporate policies, one of the most important elements is frequently overlooked or not addressed at all: The mindsets of leaders within the organization and how they impede inclusion. And while these mindsets may be unintentional–after all, leaders don’t have visibility into the challenges underrepresented talent face every day–this can derail your DEI goals. 

To take your DEI strategy from passive to powerful, DO THIS, NOT THAT…  ..."

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Making Performance Reviews Fairer in a Hybrid Workplace

Harvard Business Review

"... It is crucial for hybrid workplaces to have all employees understand and act according to the values of your organization — regardless of where they work.

One way to reinforce a common set of values is through your approach to performance appraisal. For example, online retailer Zappos evaluates employees both on performance and whether they are promoting Zappos culture in their day-to-day work. According to founder and former CEO Tony Hsieh, “We’ll fire people if they’re not good for the culture, even if they are doing their work perfectly fine.” ..."

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Childcare, housekeeper, and a personal assistant: Women are paying big bucks for support at home in order to reach the C-Suite


"... In order to be a strategic leader at work and present for the significant milestones—and everyday moments—at home, McAllister’s learned to delegate some of the daily tasks on her plate. She employs a part-time nanny who also helps out with errands and dog-walking, pays for after-school care and a home-cleaning service, as well as uses digital tools like Instacart to help get her grocery shopping done. Not to mention the professional assistant she has helping with the logistics and tactical administration at work.

“Most of us get to this point in our careers, and we can do the heck out of things. Regardless of my mental state, if you give me a list of tasks to do, I can do the heck out of that list,” McAllister says, but she admits that it’s helpful to offload some of the daily tasks to free up her time to focus on the important things. ..."

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