Leadership Assessments

In support of our research on the true barriers to bringing more diverse talent into leadership roles and the resulting programs we have created to build the skills necessary to achieve these, Leading NOW utilizes proprietary leadership assessments for Middle-level Managers and Senior talent poised to take on senior leadership roles. These assessments provide an exceptional view into the development needs of the participants as it relates to our definition of leadership.

Breakthrough Leadership Assessment™ (BLA) 

Leading NOW’s Breakthrough Leadership Assessment™ (BLA) is based on proprietary research into the expectations of boards and executives when evaluating candidates for advancement into executive positions.

This research found that although all of Leading NOW’s 3 elements of leadership (using personal greatness, achieving outcomes, engaging others) matter when making hiring decisions for the top of organizations, they do not matter equally. When hiring for the top:

  • 50% of the experiences and capabilities sought in executive candidates relate to business, strategic and financial acumen
  •  26%  to engaging the greatness in others
  • 24% to using personal greatness

Therefore, the BLA reflects these percentages:

Outcomes (50% of the survey elements)

  • Strategic acumen
  • Business acumen
  • Financial acumen

Engaging Others (26% of the survey elements)

  • Align & motivate the organization
  • Key strategic relationships

Use Personal Greatness (24% of the survey elements)

Within these broad categories, the specific experiences and capabilities sought in candidates form the BLA's survey elements. The BLA is administered as a 180º to talent who are just entering into executive levels or who are poised to do so. It gathers input from each participant’s manager and others above them in their organization. This is because (performance being equal) the perceptions of those above them (and the sponsorship that comes with favorable perceptions) are the most significant enablers advancement.

Our clients use the BLA because the survey questions provide robust feedback that serves as a springboard for movement into more senior/executive positions.

Leadership Excellence Assessment™  (LEA)

Would it make a difference in the success of your aspiring managers if they knew:

  • Whether they would be welcomed as a trusted member of a team above them?
  • Whether they are perceived as demonstrating the strategic, business and financial acumen sought in high potential employees?

These two areas about which:

  • Diverse talent doesn’t think to ask,
  • Most corporate assessments and most coaching assessments don’t ask and that, frankly,
  • Many bosses don’t think about giving input. 

At the time it was developed, Leading NOW’s LEA was the only 360º assessment to take a balanced look across the 3 key elements of leadership (using personal greatness, achieving outcomes, engaging others) and to focus on the areas where diverse talent are historically rated as underperforming their white male colleagues. These areas are proven to create substantial barriers to career success. This is why knowledge about how they are perceived in these areas is particularly important feedback for your diverse talent.

This means that this is no ordinary assessment. It is neither a personality-based nor psychological assessment, it doesn’t measure preferences or attributes. The LEA creates the opportunity for your diverse talent to get valuable feedback about the behaviors that are correlated with leadership and career success.

Used as a 360º or a 180º, the LEA delivers feedback on:


Achieving Outcomes

  • Business acumen
  • Strategic acumen
  • Financial acumen

Engaging Others

  • Engagement skills
  • Alignment skills
  • Strategic relationships

Using Personal Greatness

  • Skills and attributes
  • Values and worldview
  • Work and life

Our clients use the LEA because the survey questions provide robust data to support your diverse talent’s continued success in middle management while providing springboard feedback for movement into more senior/executive positions.