Cutting Edge Assessments

Leading NOW offers proprietary assessments for organizations to understand the barriers in place that are preventing them from reaching their diversity & inclusion goals.


Inclusive Culture Assessment™

Leading NOW’s Inclusive Culture Assessment™ (ICA) is a survey tool for obtaining valid data and information about the performance of an organization on the key DEI factors: Culture, Leadership & Equity. Developed by Leading NOW’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion, this proprietary assessment is a critical first step to drive long-term success as it provides a data-driven understanding of organizational current state around how employees are experiencing these three factors.

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Inclusive Leadership Behaviors Assessment™

Leading Now’s Inclusive Leadership Behavior Assessment™ (ILBA) identifies four behaviors that are likely to have a significant impact on the extent to which the organizational culture is experienced as welcoming and open to diversity. Rather than focusing on knowledge and commitment, the aim of the assessment is to give leaders a clearer sense of the extent to which their commitment to inclusion is translating into visible action.

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Leadership Assessments 

Leading NOW’s Leadership Assessments are grounded by our research into the competencies organizations require for their future leaders. This research enabled us to create our 21st Century Definition of Leadership

While future leaders must demonstrate all three elements of leadership (using the greatness in you, achieving and sustaining extraordinary outcomes, engaging the greatness of others), more emphasis is given to demonstrating the capabilities of achieving outcomes – business, strategic & financial acumen. To learn more about these proprietary assessments, click the download link below.

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