Closing Your Leadership Gender Gap

Reaching Your Gender Diversity Goals

Leveling the Playing Field


Leading Women:
Solutions for Gender Balance in Leadership

Leading Women is shaping the future of workplace dynamics by advocating women’s advancement and engaging male allies to bring gender balance to leadership. 

Our consultative and collaborative approach, combined with imagination and visionary disruptive programs, has successfully equipped organizations for transformational workplace change.

Why Leading Women?

Our ground-breaking research on Talent Development and Gender Dynamics is the basis for our customized and innovative solutions, unique insights, actionable tools, all with a business focus. Our programs leverage our proprietary research on the 9 Critical Differentiators women need to know:

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Women's Skill Sets

Enhance women's readiness for advancement


Manager's Actions

Minimize barriers created by Gender Dynamics
Engagement strategies to develop male allies


Corporate Systems

Ensure that HR systems have no adverse impact on women's advance


Gender Dynamics Institute

The Gender Dynamics Institute (GDI) is Leading NOW’s research center established to bring together the best thinking on the impact of gender in the workplace. Custom research created by the GDI team powers Leading Women’s solutions.

  • Clients are global companies including the Fortune 500.
  • We have customized our content for organizations as diverse as Fortune 10 and Global 1000 companies.
  • We are skilled at offering a blend of solutions from live to virtual.

Choosing a Training Supplier



Measurable Impact:

86 percent graphicHR Metrics

  • 86% of participants were promoted or given more responsibility

Changing Behaviors

  • 100% better understand importance of business, strategic, and financial acumen, have strategies for enhancing theirs, and can articulate their Positional Purpose
  • 83% make better decisions in context of business outcomes
  • 83% more intentionally project leadership presence
  • 80% better align team meetings with business outcomes
  • 76% think more strategically about their job/organization


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