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Engage Managers and Executives

Changing Mindsets, Taking Action and Building #MaleAllies

15 MindsetsIn order to close the leadership gender gap, companies are increasingly looking for ways to engage managers to more equitably identify and develop talent. Working directly with managers whose actions and talent decisions impact the career development of diverse talent is a powerful way to make change and reach your diversity goals.GlobalResearch-20Countries


“Of all the forces that hold women back, none are as powerful as entrenched beliefs. While companies have worked hard to eliminate overt discrimination, women still face the pernicious force of mindsets that limit opportunity…”

Here are 4 ways #WeCanHelp:

  • Gender Dynamics Programs*
    • Gender Dynamics: Executive Briefing
    • Talent Management in a Global Workforce
  • Reverse Mentoring Program
  • P.I.E. Mentoring™ Program
  • Executive Coaching

*In addition to these programs, Leading Women offers custom Focus Groups and Train the Trainer programs with content licensing options

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