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Leading NOW offers customized programs with foundational and optional modules for developing underrepresented talent at all levels within your organization. Based on our global research on the barriers to advancement, our programs layer business, strategic and financial acumen on top of skills for personal greatness and engaging others.

Leadership Development Programs

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Utilizing our foundational research on The Missing 33%®, we offer programs from emerging leaders to high performance in middle management, as well as programs to prepare your future leaders for senior/executive positions. We focus on supporting underrepresented talent to be prepared to be confidently placed into succession plans for executive roles.

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Talent Development Opportunities

In addition to leadership development programs, Leading NOW recommends providing your high potential leaders additional support for their ongoing development. We offer a variety of Talent Enhancing sessions that can be delivered individually, as part of a larger program, or in combination with your internal programs. Contact us to learn more.

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Cutting Edge Assessments

Current leadership assessments do not provide underrepresented talent with the certain essential feedback about the leadership skills required for advancement into senior and executive positions. Leading NOW's assessments are grounded in proprietary research - including what underrepresented talent need to hear about barriers to advancement.

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Additional Solutions Offered for Your High Potential Talent

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Navigating Change: Building Resilience Program


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