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The Gender Dynamics Institute (GDI) research center was established to bring together the best thinking on the impact of gender in the workplace. Custom research, created by the GDI fellows, powers Leading Women's solutions. 

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The Missing 33%®




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What is The Missing 33%®?
Ever wonder why there are so few women and underrepresented populations in senior leadership roles? Advancement is based on demonstrating Leadership Excellence.

We offer a leadership development workshop specifically to help future leaders understand what The Missing 33%® is - and how to make sure they are learning and demonstrating the skills & competencies necessary to be seen as future executives.

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Confidence Decoded 


Confidence 2020 snippet

Our researcher, Lara Feghaly decoded the 10 most substantive articles on confidence and the book The Confidence Code, and what she discovered is startling and crucial for women's career advancement. 

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Create a Level Playing Field



If you're serious about leveling the playing field for women, it's important to examine the formal messages they receive through your company's talent and performance management systems and the ways hidden gender bias impacts 4 of these key systems.

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Executive Presence 



Leading Women teamed up with researcher, Lara El Feghaly, to analyze the responses to the question: "Think of a woman who has executive presence. What characteristic about her stands out the most to you?"  

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Minimize the Impact of Gender Dynamics


15 Mindsets-GenderDynamics

Leading Women has conducted groundbreaking research about gender dynamics around the globe. The findings are essential - especially if your workforce is global.

To learn what we've discovered and how it can help shape your initiatives to close the leadership gender gap,

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RESEARCH_Networking Infographic_update_June18-2020

Leading Women teamed up with researcher, Lara El Feghaly, once again to analyze the responses to the question: "What advice are women given about Networking?" - you can read the full findings here

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On the Minds of Millennials 



As our infographic illustrates, we found a mixed bag of good and bad news when it comes to Millennials in the workplace - you can read the full findings here

Leading Women has the solution to help your organization take your Millennial talent from individual contributors to managers. Contact us to learn more about this new research and our research-based and innovative Ready, Set, LEAD! program.  

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