Gender Dynamics: The Culture of Mentorship

2 min read | Susan Colantuono

PIE MentoringWe work hard with clients to engage managers and executives in actions to close the leadership gender gap. During one of our multi-month leadership programs, the managers (most often men) who have nominated the women participants join us for 3 major topics: What is Leadership?, The Missing 33%™ and Make the Most of Mentoring™. It's an effective way to address several gender dynamics - including the powerful one we call "Men's Culture of Mentorship/Sponsorship."

They find the content eye opening - here's one example of how. When we talk about mentoring, we focus not on how to find a mentor or the steps in a mentoring relationship nor on the ways that mentoring can help build confidence, but rather we focus on how to use mentoring to strengthen leadership skills (we call this PIE Mentoring™). Our research tells us that more men than women get PIE Mentoring.

As I wrapped up the mentoring module in one of the workshops, an executives said,

"Last year I was mentoring a woman and a man. I helped the woman build confidence and helped the man learn the business (PIE Mentoring). I wasn't aware that I was doing anything different and I don't know why I would treat them differently. Going forward I'm going to make sure that I give women more PIE mentoring."

This manager will forever be a more effective mentor across genders.

These insights are important for people managers of both genders. Recently a woman CEO who heard our content on PIE Mentoring™ said,

"Your presentation made me think. I mentor my women and men direct reports differently and never realized it."

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