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Women Business Leaders Offer Advice On Filling Your Pipeline With Female Talent

When we asked successful women leaders across all industries what they recommend organizations do to bring more women into senior leadership roles, a common thread from their responses emerged––diversity and inclusion is integral.  In part three of our Leadership Lessons from Women Leaders research series, we share their insights and suggestions, along with a few of our own.
4 min read | Diane Coffey Chaput
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Does Your Leadership Have The Necessary Trait To Succeed?

In part two of our Leadership Lessons from Women research series, we asked some of the most successful women leaders in business today what they felt was the one leadership trait that was most important to their own success. Not surprisingly, they used words that fit squarely into our 21st century definition of leadership. Here are the results: 
3 min read | Diane Coffey Chaput
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Research Concludes Mentors Are Key To Women’s Career Success

January is National Mentoring Month –– a great time to start our new 5-part series called Leadership Lessons from Women Leaders. 
4 min read | Diane Coffey Chaput
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Mentoring Women's Leadership Development

Choosing a Training Supplier: The 4 Things You Need to Know

With the gender gap growing at a rapid pace due to Covid-19, the retention and advancement of women in the workforce is at an important and critical inflection point. We know that hiring alone won’t address the gap, but the right kind of strategic talent development and coaching can!  Leading Women is helping our clients develop, advance, and retain the talent they have within and across all levels of their organization - so that they see the opportunities that are possible at an organization that is committed to investing in their career journey. Leading Women has been recognized as a Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Company!
2 min read | Erin Defoyd
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Company Challenges, Leading Women Can Help!

What challenges are companies seeking to address when they contact Leading Women?  
4 min read | Samantha Furbush Taraskiewicz
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International Women's Day 2018 - #PressforProgress

2018's International Women's Day campaign theme is #PressforProgress. "Individually, we're one drop but together we're an ocean. Commit to a "gender parity mindset" via progressive action. Let's all collaborate to accelerate gender parity, so our collective action powers equality worldwide."
1 min read | Samantha Furbush Taraskiewicz
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Empowering Women in the Workplace

Just in time for International Women's Day, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announced an exclusive story featuring our CEO and Founder, Susan Colantuono. Susan will be discussing the importance of closing the gender gap that exists within various industries, sectors and companies on Sunday, March 4, 2018 (check your local listings for times).  photo credit: Leading Women Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
2 min read | Samantha Furbush Taraskiewicz
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Happy Australia Day 2018

Happy Australia Day to all of our friends down under! Leading Women and Lighthouse have teamed up once again in conjunction with AMCHAM to run a training program for women leaders on 20 & 21 February in Melbourne. The Purpose, Power, Presence for Middle Managers™ program is based on 40 years of Susan Colantuono and Leading Women's proprietary research into women's career de-railers. Susan is internationally known as an expert in women's leadership development, gender dynamics and hidden gender bias. Susan’s TED talk on Closing the Leadership Gender Gap has been viewed by over 3.5 million, translated into 23 languages and reviewed by Fortune, The Washington Post and The Guardian as one of the five videos that will change the way you work.
5 min read | Samantha Furbush Taraskiewicz
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Empowering Women in Tech to Reach the Top

Last year, Leading Women partnered with the data storage and protection company Veeam to launch their initiative Women in Green (WIG). WIG invests in time, resources, and networking opportunities for their female work population. Mentoring is one of the components of the WIG initiative — and, most importantly, it’s one of the elements of diversity and inclusion initiatives that actually works. Here’s the story: As a company in the technology sector, you might not expect Veeam to be extraordinarily woman-centric. After all, the industry gets a bad rap for being, as the Atlantic put it earlier this year, “awful to women.” But Veeam is striving to be a billion-dollar company — and their executives know that they can’t achieve that goal unless everyone at the company is contributing.
6 min read | Samantha Furbush Taraskiewicz
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6 Tips for Requesting Manager Feedback

"Feedback is a gift." You've undoubtedly heard this many times over. Feedback is so valuable that many organizations develop and use 180º and 360º assessments as part of their talent development activities. Often based on their own leadership models and/or performance systems, we have found many of them to be less than helpful to women's advancement. The most worrisome problem is that these assessments often overemphasize the importance of engagement skills. This is also true of many assessments developed by leadership development firms. To counter these problems, Leading Women developed our own assessments that provide women the feedback they need to hear in proportions that are relevant to the level at which they are leading and to which they aspire. We use these proprietary 180° and 360° assessments with the women participating in our programs.  One of the most common questions they ask is how to discuss the feedback with their managers.
3 min read | Susan Colantuono
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