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Industries Where Women are Making Big Strides toward Leadership Positions

Today's blog post comes from our friend Nicole Worthington. Nicole is a business and investment columnist who has written extensively on financial management and women in business. Read ON!
3 min read | Guest Blogger
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Closing the Gender Gap Business Imperative

These Are the Best U.S. Cities for Working Women in 2018

Today's blog post comes from our friends Brittney Laryea & Kali McFadden at MagnifyMoney & Lending Tree. Their new study focuses on the best U.S. cities for working women in 2018. They used the 50 largest metros to figure out where the average working woman has the best (and worst) opportunity for equal pay and advancement in the workplace. Do you live in one of these metro areas? Read ON!
22 min read | Guest Blogger
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Closing the Gender Gap

Want to Be Paid Fairly? Join a Tech Company with More Women Executives

Today's blog post comes from our friend Bridget Frey CTO at Redfin. Redfin and PayScale analyzed the executive teams at 31 of the largest U.S. tech companies and 6,562 salary profiles of people who reported working for these companies. What did they discover? The gender pay gap is half the size at tech companies with more women executives. Read ON!
4 min read | Guest Blogger
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Closing the Gender Gap Gender Dynamics

ARTICLE: Becoming a Resilient Leader

Resilience - the ability to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities - may be the new criterion for professional advancement, according to Accenture. A global research study entitled Women Leaders and Resilience: Perspectives from the C-Suite, reports that more than two-thirds (71%) of surveyed senior level executives report that resilience is critical in determining employee retainability during an economic downturn. Moreover, these leaders view women as slightly more resilient than men and are providing their female professionals with programs to develop resilience.
2 min read | Guest Blogger
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