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Spotting (and Developing) Leaders!

Thanks to Nneka C. who last month pointed us to the HBR article on 21st Century Talent Spotting because of the alignment between the model in one of the sidebars and Leading Women's definition of leadership. For over 14 years, we've been defining leadership as "using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others."


She noticed that

  • Intelligence and Values relate to "using the greatness in you."

  • Strategic Orientation, Market Insight, Results Orientation and Customer impact relate to "achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes" (business, strategic and financial acumen)

  • Collaboration and Influence, Organizational Development, Team Leadership and Change Leadership relate to "by engaging the greatness in others."

Taking women to the top and closing the gender gap requires leadership development programs that strongly address all 3, but especially business, strategic and financial acumen (The Missing 33%™).

Self-Promote with Grace & Authenticity™

We have a great program on how to self-promote with grace and authenticity, and came across this very cool LinkedIN article on increasing productivity that complements it.

In addition, it reminded me of this important tip for handling priorities. When overwhelmed women often say they are going to ask their boss to prioritize all the tasks that are on their plate. Using what we teach about how to Think Like a CEO™, we advise that instead, you set your own priorities and review them with your boss explaining the business case for the rankings.

Women's Style of Leadership

OK, I reluctantly admit to having watched a few episodes of Cold Justice - the reason is that after I saw the first one I was struck by the inclusive and respectful style of solving cold cases used by former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary. Their style reminds me of all the best characteristics associated with women's style of leadership. So, I was happy to read (thanks to our colleague Linda Ferraro) this article about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's leadership style.

"Perhaps Merkel's approach is what people have in mind when they say women are better than men in positions of power. In her 2011 memoir, Condoleezza Rice -- another woman in a "male" line of work -- did not describe her as passive, but rather as patient and consensus-seeking, the tireless, ultraconstructive negotiator."

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Lead ON!


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"Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain
extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others." 
Susan L. Colantuono

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