9 Reasons Companies Aren't Closing The Leadership Gender Gap

1 min read | Kelly Primus

Last week we released our updated research entitled Closing The Leadership Gender Gap: The Missing 33%® and Conventional Advice to Women.

There has been a lot of discussion generated over the research and our CEO, Susan Colantuono was quoted saying:

"Our most recent research update had strengthened Leading Women's findings about why the gender gap at the top of organizations continues to hold strong. Many organizations that offer leadership development programs for women continue to deliver outdated advice about what a women must be, do and say to reach the executive suite."

Closing the Leadership Gender Gap Whitepapre

This research identifies 11 pieces of career advice commonly appearing in books, blogs and articles directed toward women and their success. Analysis indicates that these 11 pieces of advice are focused on only 66% of the leadership success equation and are key success factors for the transition from career-start into middle management. They miss the mark when identifying the 9 critical differentiators for moving from the middle into senior and executive positions.

The research also indicates that traditional career advice given to women neglects key messaging about what we call The Missing 33%® of the career success equation for women - business, strategic and financial acumen. It also ignores the relationship between The Missing 33%® and what executives and boards must see in candidates worthy of consideration for senior and executive positions.

If companies are going to get smart about women's advancement, they have to stop only answering the 20th century problem of how do we get women into middle management and start asking the 21st century question, "How do we take women to the top?"

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