Great! A Business Imperative. Now what do I do?

2 min read | Kelly Primus

In a recent blog, I mentioned a story about a group of 72 companies who have committed to making gender diversity a business imperative, with accountability for it within the senior executive team.

This story has caused quite a bit of commotion in social media and we’ve seen a lot of questions popping up in LinkedIn: “How are they planning on preparing the women for leadership?” “What will they do differently?” “How will they identify what needs to be done (so I can emulate it)?

Leading Women  Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®For those of you within those 72 companies (and anyone else who’s interested) who are responsible for Diversity & inclusion, Learning & Development, Talent Management and Leadership Development Programs and are now tapped to solve this Business Imperative – Leading Women can help!



During an interview on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Leading Women’s CEO, Susan Colantuono talked about how we’ve developed research-based programs for women’s leadership development at all levels.

Our clients have recognized by starting the leadership development process of their high potential women utilizing our programs focused on The Missing 33%® (Business, Strategic & Financial Acumen), they have taken the first step towards fulfilling the goals of their Business Imperative.

If you would like to learn more about how Leading Women’s programs can help you reach your goals, contact us.


Lead ON!


Kelly Lockwood Primus
SVP, Strategic Client Solutions

PS - Did you miss Susan onWorldwide Business with kathy ireland®?  They are rebroadcasting in a number of markets on Sunday, 14 August, 2016 - click here to learn more

photo credit: Leading Women Appearing on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®