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Leadership Hacker Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of joining Steve Rush on his podcast "The Leadership Hacker." I'm a big fan, and was excited to be invited to speak with him. Before the official interview, he and I discussed our perspectives on women in leadership - and I was thrilled to hear that during his career he frequently hired more women leaders than men! And, I'm pleased to say that Steve is absolutely committed to gender balance in his podcast, and will be working diligently to interview an equal number of men & women leaders. 

Please take a moment and listen (or read the transcript here), I shared three leadership hacks that I have been using in my career for years. Perhaps they will help you strengthen your leadership skills!

Also in this episode you will  learn:

  • What gender dynamics are
  • Mindsets of leaders (male, female and other) can help or hinder the gender gap
  • Closing the gender gap starts with conversation
  • Some of the reasons why only circa 11% of Senior Leaders in Fortune 500 are female
  • Gender gaps are created by women too!
  • Plus great hacks and ideas.

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Kelly Lockwood Primus
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