What HR Leaders are saying about our Master Class on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™

3 min read | Kelly Primus


It’s been an exciting time at Leading NOW. 

In September we announced the latest research from the Center for Diversity & Inclusion on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™. In case you missed it, the research shares the 5 key factors that drive successful DEI initiatives. 

I’m excited to share with you that we recently delivered our first 3-hour Master Class on this game-changing research at the NEHRA (Northeast Human Resources Association) Annual Conference in Newport, Rhode Island. The session for this presentation was titled Cultural Dynamics & DEI: Achieving Measurable Success That Drives Business Outcomes, and I’m happy to say, the feedback from participants was fantastic. 

The highlights from the presentation that resonated for the participants were:
  1. Understanding the big picture on leadership demographics
  2. Connecting the Mindsets of those leaders to the lack of support for DEI and why DEI needs to be a business initiative
  3. Why talent pipelines have such a small % of underrepresented talent (The Missing 33%® and lack of strategic mentoring)
  4. What they can do to impact their organization immediately for recruiting, retaining, and engaging diverse talent

Many of the comments we heard from attendees after the class were about why it’s so important to connect the dots on all 5 factors, as no one had ever told them that before. That was eye-opening for them. 

Other comments we heard was that it was the first time they were seeing an emphasis on leadership and how leaders show up–and how the mindsets, behaviors, and decision-making of leaders affect not only the culture of an organization–but the Business Outcomes achieved. 

And other key takeaways that resonated included some of the suggestions we shared on retaining employees. Participants really appreciated the ideas we provided about opportunities for underrepresented talent.  

Here’s one of my favorites: 

“So many great opportunities to learn and network at the NEHRA Annual Conference. This class on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace was the highlight of conference! Huge shout out to the HR Professionals that shared my table in this class. A true pleasure to meet people so committed to being a part of the solution.”

-- NEHRA 2021 Attendee

Needless to say, it was a highly interactive session with really engaged discussions, and we were so pleased to provide this new thinking to NEHRA members. Big shout out to NEHRA for inviting us. 

Feel free to follow the link to request the Executive Summary of the research so you, too, can learn more about Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™

Leading NOW: Cultural Dynamics in the WorkplaceDownload the Cultural Dynamics Executive Summary
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