Trump is NOT US - 2016 Silver Linings

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See the Silver Linings?

Since the election, I've had innumerable conversations with women and men in the U.S. and around the globe, who are disheartened, aghast and incredulous about the presidential election results. I've read articles about the end of diversity initiatives and the significant backlash against women. Much fed by the media's spin.

So, I've been digging into statistics and, in spite of Hillary's electoral college loss, I see silver linings for women and for the country. It's good news and insight that the media hasn't put together into a coherent message: Trump is NOT US (nor is he U.S.)!

Women's Leadership Now

The U.S. was absolutely ready to elect a woman president. Here's why:

A 2015 Gallup poll found that 92% of Americans were comfortable voting for a woman President. In the contest between the two major parties, the majority of Americans did. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes or around 2%. (updated)

If you add Jill Stein's votes to Hillary's total, women candidates for President trounced Trump by over 4 million votes.

And women candidates were outvoted by a mere .75% when you add all votes for women (66,939,861) and compare with all votes for men (67,962,064).

The Silver Lining

Are there woman haters? Yes

Do they fit the profile of pro-Trump voters? Many do.

Do they reflect America? NO!

Trump's election was not a referendum on women's ability to lead. For that we can all be grateful and this is a message that needs spreading.

Silver Lining: The Future of Women's Leadership

Trump voters don't reflect the future.

The majority of Trump voters were older, whiter, more male, less diverse and less educated. Trump voters are a diminishing segment of the population and reflect America's past, not America's future.

According to the Brookings Institution, Millennials turned out at a higher rate than in 2012 and "Hillary Clinton won the youth vote (55 percent) while Donald Trump only garnered the support of 37 percent of the millennial electorate."

The Silver Lining

Millennials have already taken the opportunity to support a woman for president. The first generation in American history to have done so. Given credible future candidates they will likely do so again.

So, to our followers in the U.S. and abroad who are aghast and/or disheartened by the prospect of a Trump presidency, I say, "He is NOT us/U.S.! He is not the future."

Take heart and keep working for women's leadership. Here are 2 things you can do:

  • Support (financially and through action) local, state/regional and national candidates who reflect your values and causes you care about - especially those that might be threatened under a Trump administration.
  • Don't buy into the media's hyping of the animosity toward women. Continue to work in your organizations for more equal representation - aim high!

As Barbara Corcoran's says:

"The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves,"

Lead ON!


Susan L. Colantuono, CEO

Leading Women


Author: No Ceiling, No Walls and Make the Most of Mentoring

"Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others."
Susan L. Colantuono