What is Cultural Dynamics?

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Understanding the 5 Key Factors that Drive Successful DEI Initiatives

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If you’ve ever wondered why some organizations struggle with achieving successful Business Outcomes through DEI initiatives and others do not, the latest research from the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) has identified the 3 Barriers and 5 Key Factors of Cultural Dynamics that hold the key to DEI success. 

What is Cultural Dynamics?

In psychology, Cultural Dynamics, represents the formation, maintenance, and transformation of cultures over time. When our global Think Tank conducted its groundbreaking research –– Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™: 5 Key Factors in Driving Successful DEI Initiatives to Achieve Business Outcomes –– they applied the psychology of Cultural Dynamics to Business and were able to identify the root cause for why organizations were not reaping the benefits of their DEI Initiatives. 

The results were eye-opening. 

This research identifies the interconnected dynamics that are made up by the interplay of the Culture of an Organization together with Inclusive Leadership, that when combined, become the catalyst to successful DEI Initiatives producing measurable Business Outcomes.


Why is Cultural Dynamics imperative to DEI success?

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Did you know… there is a distinct lack of understanding by the majority of the difference between Equality and Equity? 

Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™ delves into the 5 key factors:

  1. Mindsets of Leaders
  2. Opportunities for talent
  3. Policies that create or impede inclusion
  4. Transforming leaders’ inclusive behaviors and decisions
  5. Developing the leadership competencies of underrepresented talent.

Most organizations miss the mark on the Cultural Dynamics at play, which make up an integral part of the DEI success equation. 


The 3 barriers to successful DEI Initiatives fall under these three tenets:

  1. Leaders are Undermining DEI Initiatives
  2. Detrimental Attitudes by the Majority in Leadership Roles, i.e., belief in Meritocracy in the workplace and unrecognized or unacknowledged advantage
  3. DEI has NOT been elevated to a Business Initiative in most organizations

To build an inclusive culture, the first step for any organization is to measure the dynamics between culture, equity and leadership. This can be done with an Inclusive Culture Assessment (ICA) which will help identify the specific barriers within your organization, and track the ROI on your DEI investment. 

To learn more about Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™, check our blog in the coming weeks, as we break down the CDI’s research to answer these questions: 

  • Why have DEI Initiatives failed to deliver the Business Outcomes promised?
  • What are the barriers to successful DEI Initiatives?
  • How do Cultural Dynamics impact the workplace?
  • What are the 5 key factors of Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™?
  • How do Cultural Dynamics drive Business Outcomes? 

Download the Cultural Dynamics Executive Summary

In the meantime, to request a copy of the Executive Summary research on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace, click here.

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