What is Your Company Planning to do for Millennials?

3 min read | Kelly Primus

The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Study is out - and Leading Women's research is in and neither is great news for companies without a leadership development program for their Millennial women:

Deloitte research says: 

“This year’s survey shows that women are equally likely as men to rate 'opportunities for career progression and leadership roles' as a major factor for staying at or leaving a job.”

“Millennials want to work for organizations that have a purpose beyond profit, and they want those organizations to provide opportunities to develop leadership skills. These may be the two most important factors in creating job satisfaction and long-term loyalty, especially among Millennial women.”

“This year’s survey shows women (67 percent) are slightly more likely than men (64 percent) to leave their employers within the next five years. One reason could be that 48 percent of female respondents say they are 'being overlooked for potential leadership positions.'”



We were contacted by a global technology company concerned that their emerging leaders (Millennials) would leave them within the next two years if they did not provide opportunities for advancement AND the development of business skills to prepare them for promotion.

Leading Women offers two solutions to the challenge of retaining, developing and advancing Millennial women.

  1. Gender Dynamics

Programs that minimize the adverse impact of managers' mindsets - the very mindsets that cause women to be "overlooked for potential leadership positions. Leading Women's breakthrough research into gender dynamics allows us to tailors programs to your company's most challenging barriers to advancement - and for global companies, to the challenges that are specific to each geography.

  1. Ready, Set, LEAD!™

This high impact program that  lays the foundation for future leadership success by providing key tools and knowledge for making the transition from individual contributor to a people manager. Among other topics it addresses The Missing 33%® and career enablers/derailers specific to this crucial transition.

We’re here to help your organization retain, develop, and advance your Millennial talent! Our latest research on Millennials can be found here

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