Do You Know How Your Employees *Really* Feel About Your Organization?

3 min read | Gretchen Sussman


Do you know how your employees really feel about your organization? 

If you read this question and answered “no”, isn’t it time you asked? 

And even if the answer was “yes”, do you really know? 

Do you know how your employees are experiencing your organization’s culture? 

Do they feel included? 

Are your company’s leaders demonstrating inclusive behavior? 

Do your employees see them demonstrating inclusive behavior? 

These are important questions you should make sure you know the answers to.

Leaders drive culture. And as such, it is important to confirm whether your employees see your leaders demonstrating inclusive behaviors.

To be inclusive, leaders must remember that not all employees have the same perspectives, experiences, or opportunities as the leadership of the organization. To get an understanding of how they experience the company’s culture, leadership and equity, utilizing an assessment that measures these three areas will give you a sense for where there are chasms and inform you how your employees really feel about the organization. 

It will also provide guidance on the DEI work you need (and should) do. 

Leading NOW’s Inclusive Culture Assessment (ICA) is a unique process for obtaining valid data and information about how your employees are experiencing the three key DEI factors: Culture, Leadership & Equity. Our proprietary assessment is a critical first step to long-term success, as it provides a data-driven understanding of organizational current state around how employees are experiencing these three factors. The ICA facilitates identifying opportunities to deepen DEI commitment and guide decisions around strategic resourcing and action planning. It also establishes a baseline from which to celebrate what is working well, and measure progress along your DEI journey.

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When your organization takes our assessment, here’s what you can expect from the results. Two key pieces of information emerge:

  1. The first is a heat-map of where the organization scores in the areas of Culture, Leadership & Equity––identifying areas of success (green), areas of development need (yellow), and critical areas that must be addressed immediately (red). 

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  2. The second is the identification of the mindsets and behaviors currently prevalent in your organization as seen by your employees that are creating barriers to inclusion. Once these have been identified, you will have the knowledge of the solutions you should employ to impact change.

Intrigued? We thought you might be. 

If you’re serious about building a culture of inclusion, there’s never been a more critical time to understand how your employees really feel about your organization and its leadership.

To learn more about Leading NOW’s groundbreaking Inclusive Culture Assessment, simply contact us to arrange a 30-minute call. And while you’re at it, check out our blog for more information on ways to build an inclusive culture. #FutureForward