Leading Women Named to HR Tech Outlook's List of Top 10 Leadership Development/Training Coaching Companies

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BOSTON, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 

Leading Women, one of the world's premier global consulting firms for bringing Gender Balance to corporate leadership, has been recognized by HR Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Company for 2020, and featured among an elite group of companies in the Leadership special edition of HR Tech Outlook magazine.

Leading Women helps companies build inclusive environments by identifying and removing the barriers and obstacles in an organization that prevent women from reaching senior leadership roles—it's not a one size fits all approach. "Our leadership programs are customized in line with a company's strategy, their financials, leadership models, competencies, and more, to make sure that the participants are gaining the knowledge they need in that company," says Primus.

The Top 10 List features companies nominated by HR Tech Outlook's subscribers as companies who they believe are at the forefront of providing Leadership Development and whom they will recommend to their peers. After vetting hundreds of nominations based on Core Competency, Business Model, Product/Service Capabilities and other criteria, the companies are further evaluated by a panel of industry insiders and HR Tech's Editorial Board to shortlist the Top 10.

More information on Leading Women's programs, including Women's Leadership Development, Gender Dynamics, Diversity & Inclusion, Mentoring and other Live and Virtual offerings, can be found here. #WeCanHelp

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About Leading Women 
Leading Women is shaping the future of workplace dynamics by advocating women's advancement and engaging male allies to bring gender balance to leadership. Our proprietary groundbreaking global research that identified "The Missing 33%®" revolutionized Women's Leadership Development. Combined with our Consulting Services and Gender Dynamics programs, we equip organizations for transformational workplace change. Our consultative and collaborative approach ensures that high-performing women are moving confidently and consistently through your leadership pipeline. For more than fifteen years, Leading Women's innovative solutions have transformed leadership teams at a variety of organizations across diverse industries—worldwide. For more information on our solutions and Conference Services offerings, visit www.LeadingWomen.biz.  #WeCanHelp.

About HR Tech Outlook
HR Tech Outlook has adopted a learn from peers approach where CHRO's, HR-VPs, HR managers and other senior level technology decision makers constantly share their experiences, and wisdom through this unique magazine. The basic idea adopted by HR Tech Outlook is not just to focus on transactional aspects, such as, productivity and effectiveness, but to truly create a superlative experience for the employees and make their lives better. The need of the hour demands organizations and technology vendors to gear up and cater to these expectations for a knowledgeable and aware workforce, who if taken care of, will be more than ready to give their all to the enterprise's success. For more info, visit: www.hrtechoutlook.com

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