CDI Introduces Groundbreaking Research on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™

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BOSTON, MA – September 14, 2021 –

Leading NOW, the leadership expert and global advisor to organizations seeking to change mindsets, behaviors, and cultures to be inclusive for all, today announces new research from its Think Tank, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI), on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™. This research is the first of its kind to apply the psychology of Cultural Dynamics to “Business”. It identifies the interconnected dynamics made up by the interplay of the Culture of an Organization together with Inclusive Leadership, that when combined, become the catalyst to successful DEI Initiatives producing measurable Business Outcomes.

Many studies have shown that “Diverse” companies have better business outcomes than those that are less diverse––including having an average annual stock return of 10% over five years vs. 4.2% for the least-diverse companies. This begged the questions: why have some organizations been able to reach the desired outcomes, and why have others that have implemented DEI Initiatives into their organizations failed to achieve any?

Dr. Usha Pillai, Co-Chair for the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, states “Our research reveals that leaders are undermining the success of their own efforts by not elevating DEI to a Business Initiative with measurable goals. Companies that integrated the 5 key cultural dynamics into their DEI Initiatives, have benefited from improvement in their culture and business results. Organizations that engage in DEI efforts as a stand-alone initiative without making the correlation between the DEI efforts and successful Business Outcomes, usually fail to achieve significant improvements in their culture or overall business results.”

The research breaks down the discoveries made during the Think Tank sessions of the CDI where the following topics were debated: 

  • Why have DEI Initiatives failed to deliver the Business Outcomes promised?
  • What are the barriers to successful DEI Initiatives?
  • How do Cultural Dynamics impact the Workplace?
  • What are the 5 key factors of Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace?
  • How do Cultural Dynamics drive Business Outcomes?

Kelly Lockwood Primus, CEO of Leading NOW, says “The CDI’s research findings prove to be a game-changer for every organization, regardless of size or industry. When leaders start leveraging all 5 key factors in their DEI efforts, they will finally achieve successful Business Outcomes for their organization.”

To access the Executive Summary of the research on Cultural Dynamics in the Workplace™, visit the Center for Diversity & Inclusion.


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