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Diversity Executive Interview

Susan Colantuono, is the former CEO of Leading Women, a consulting firm acquired by Leading NOW. Colantuono spoke with Diversity Executive magazine. Below are edited excerpts from the interview.
4 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%®

Gender Dynamics and Talent Decisions: Partnering with Men

Kudos to three of our clients, Turner Construction, DHL Global Forwarding EMEA and Alcatel-Lucent. Here's why: As part of its program for high potential women, Turner invited executives and the women's managers to presentations on The Missing 33%® and the importance of PIE Mentoring™. Both sessions gave the managers insights into the subtle ways that men are often groomed for senior positions, but women aren't.
2 min read | Susan Colantuono
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Talent Development Gender Dynamics Leadership Managers Mindsets

Make the Most of Mentoring: Drucker Loves CAKE!

In Dan Rockwell's recent blog revealing Peter Drucker's 9 Functions of a Mentor, Rockwell lists 9 things a mentor should do. I wondered if he and, by extension, famed leadership theorist Drucker, were offering up CAKE or PIE Mentoring™ ideas.
2 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%® Mentoring

Self-Promote with Stunning Elevator Pitches

The first time I heard the term elevator speech was in the middle of the dot-com bubble. I had been hired to design a three-day new employee orientation program for webMethods and the CEO was laying out the specifications. Among them he said this, "Everyone at webMethods must understand that they're salespeople. They must know our elevator speech and be able to pre-qualify potential customers anywhere they meet someone -- on the plane, at a cocktail party, at a conference."
5 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%® Tools/Resources

How Women's Leadership Development Programs Fail Black Women

February is Black History Month in the United States and what's historic this year is that while all around us change is endemic, when it comes to the advancement of Black women in major corporations, little is new. With a few exceptions - most notably: Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox, Rosalind Brewer of Walgreens, and Thasunda Brown Duckett of TIAA - the percentages of African American women at the top of and in director positions at Fortune 500 companies is appallingly small. The reasons are many, and we're grateful to share this insight gleaned from our work with multicultural women. For more African American women to make history in major corporations, women's leadership programs must address the fact that conventional advice to women can create problems for women of color.
3 min read | Susan Colantuono
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Talent Development Career Breakthrough Leadership Diversity & Inclusion Women of Color

Recipes for Mentoring Success: CAKE and PIE

In general, it is a mentor’s job to help her protégé position herself to achieve career success and the protégé’s job to work with her mentor to achieve career goals. When it comes to career success, our research indicates that men and women speak differently about mentors and their roles. Understanding this difference will help engage managers and executives as better mentors (and women as stronger protégés).
7 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%® Leadership Career Mentoring

Gender Dynamics: A CEO Who "Gets" the Impacts

Michael Simonds, CEO* of UNUM wrote recently about women's advancement and closing the leadership gender gap. The whole article is worth a read and especially his awareness of the impact of gender dynamics (gender bias, stereotypes, assumptions) on women's advancement.
2 min read | Susan Colantuono
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Talent Development Closing the Gender Gap Gender Dynamics Managers Mindsets

The Missing 33%®- What Women Need to Lead

Too often mentors coach women on confidence and personality rather than business and financial ability. Diversity Executive magazine recently interviewed Susan L. Colantuono, CEO of Leading Women. Below are excerpts from the interview. (Please share this important info liberally with colleagues in and outside your company and other women in your organization.)
1 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%® Leadership Breakthrough Leadership

Gender Dynamics: Key to Closing the Gender Gap at the Top

Here's a fact about closing the leadership gender gap that might surprise you. Back in the 1970s, progressive companies addressed the challenge of women's advancement issues with many tools including multi-day workshops that directly surfaced and addressed gender-based stereotypes. This is surprising because until just recently, companies have tended to avoid this topic like the plague. This in spite of the fact that studies continue to point to barriers created by gender-based expectations and assumptions.
2 min read | Susan Colantuono
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Closing the Gender Gap Gender Dynamics Diversity & Inclusion Managers Mindsets

Network! 6 Essential Tools for Building Strategic Relationships

"Acquaintances...represent a source of social power, and the more acquaintances you have, the more powerful you are." Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point "Leaders who are good networkers...are the connectors...They master what sociologist Mark Granovetter calls the 'weak tie', a friendly yet casual social connection." Robin Gerber in Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way
3 min read | Susan Colantuono
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The Missing 33%® Leadership Career Networking Strategic Relationships