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Why "As Leaders, Women Rule" but Sometimes Face a Glass Ceiling... and What You Can Do About It

Darn, there it is again -- the pervasive advice that 50% of what you need to succeed in business is people skills. This time in a column written by famed executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith. He wrote: "...your people skills often make the difference in how high you go. Who would you rather have as a CFO? A moderately good accountant who is great with people ...or a brilliant accountant who's inept with [people]... The candidate with superb people skills will win out every time, in large part because he (e.a.) will be able to...lead." Oddly enough, these stories refer over and over again to "he." Hmm, could there be something about this formula that works for men, but not for women? Most assuredly!
3 min read | Susan Colantuono
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