Does Your Leadership Have The Necessary Trait To Succeed?

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In part two of our Leadership Lessons from Women research series, we asked some of the most successful women leaders in business today what they felt was the one leadership trait that was most important to their own success. Not surprisingly, they used words that fit squarely into our 21st century definition of leadership. Here are the results: 


Traits For Success:

  • 58% used words that describe personal greatness:

    • Integrity  
    • Fair Play  
    • Strong work ethic  
    • Resiliency  
    • Transparency  
    • Perseverance  
    • Grit  
    • Courage 
    • Curiosity  
    • Confidence  
    • Creativity

  • 10% used words that describe achieving extraordinary outcomes:

    • Strategic vision  
    • Financial skills

  • 32% used words that describe engaging others:

    • Empowering the organization  
    • Purpose  
    • Building a strong team  
    • Listening 
    • Partnership skills  
    • Recognize talent 


“I think the ability to recognize talent and hire the right diverse team has been a key element to having a successful organization.”

––Tina Dolph, President & CEO, Siemens Government Technologies

When we talk about leadership, the challenges women have faced, and the importance of creating a culture of inclusion, our 3-part leadership definition is a proven one. Our own research around the 21st century definition of leadership identifies 9 critical differentiators that must be mastered by women and diverse talent to move them into senior and executive positions.  

The common denominator of this leadership definition–the cornerstone of our research and the solutions we provide to our clients–was further validated in the results of our recent survey. Some of the most successful women in leadership at Fortune 500/5000 companies emphatically confirmed ‘engaging others’ is among the top traits leaders need to succeed. 

Today, when organizations are trying to build truly inclusive cultures (not simply counting heads), it comes down to its leaders using the greatness within to engage the greatness in others to achieve those extraordinary outcomes. Simply put, leadership + inclusion equals engaging others. This is powerful knowledge. 

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The women leaders we surveyed recognize that building a culture of inclusion that includes varying perspectives, helped get them to the top–and by doing so, attain the business results they needed to be successful. 

As an organization, it’s critical that senior leaders are engaging others–including women & diverse talent–and not just those on their leadership team, to breed success. Ask yourself this…are you getting it right? 

If you need help fixing your organization’s culture, we have Inclusive Leadership Solutions, backed by research, to drive successful business outcomes. #FutureForward #WeCanHelp 

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